Infinite ERP Cloud makes it easy to work anywhere

Your data is always at your fingertips

You can track sales, create and send invoices, and know how your business is doing at any time. Invite users to collaboratively work with your colleagues. Roles can be assigned to each users by giving and limiting access to company data. Focus on your duty. No worries about someone else watching over your data.

Securely Protected Transaction Data

With Bank-Level Security

Cloud access uses AES-256 encryption method with a key that is made unique for each user. VPN Access to could be another most option toda whilw data in transit is also secured with SSL to ensure no unauthorized party can eavesdrop any communication between you and Jurnal.


Work from anywhere

Access and manage your ERP from anywhere and anytime you choose. Create access privileges so that your colleague or accountant can login and work with your data online.

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