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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to InfiniteERP. This privacy policy applies to InfiniteERP’s processing of personal data when InfiniteERP is a data controller and explains the personal data InfiniteERP processes, how InfiniteERP processes it, and why.  InfiniteERP is an international services that has a presence in several countries across the world. When you provide your personal data to InfiniteERP via this website (including webpages located in its subdomains) InfiniteERP will process such personal data as a controller of your personal data.

In general, what should you cover in your Privacy Policy?

  1. What type of information do you collect?

  2. How do you collect information?

  3. Why do you collect such personal information?

  4. How do you store, use, share and disclose your site visitors' personal information?

  5. How (and if) do you communicate with your site visitors?

  6. Is your service targeting and collecting information from Minors?

  7. Privacy policy updates

  8. Contact Information

You can check out this support article to receive more information about how to create a privacy policy.

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