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Transform Your Business Processes with Infinite-ERP

Infinite-ERP provides cloud ERP solutions, customized software development, and consulting services that help businesses achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.

The open-source development model has allowed us to leverage developers and business experts to build the world's better open and dynamic ERP Software.

ERP Features

ERP Software Features

Multi companies

Get all your subsidiaries integrated in the same system with consolidation reports in real time. Automate business flows with inter-company rules.

Unlimited users

Define as many users as you want with different access rights.

Multi-currency support

Get your currencies rate updated automatically every day.

Reduce data entry

No need to create invoices manually, print and send them, register bank statements, follow-up payments... Automate more, save time.

Pay Multiple Invoices

Ability to reconcile a payment with several invoices using a button on the payment form.

Workflow & Alerts

Online approval workflow and get automatic alerts and collaborate on documents easily.


Our mobile apps are continuously developed based on specific customer needs.

Spreadsheet Style

Feel the spreadsheet experience that allow you to filter, sorting, show and hide information only relevants.

Find the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Infinite-ERP offers customizable pricing plans that are designed to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Pilihan Terpopuler


    Every month
    A fast growing company with employee more than 15 and revenue above IDR 4.5M
    Valid for 12 months
    • Procurement Management
    • Sales Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Finance & Asset Management
    • Production Management
    • HR Payroll (+ IDR 800.000) for employee less than 100
    • Implementation Cost started from IDR 15.000.000
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